Triple T Drumming

Hello all - I had a great time doing the photography and I'm mighty impressed by all your drumming skills. Check out Michael's gallery for a modified shot of every drummer along with some detail of the kit.

Each person's gallery has a password - it is your surname.

If you order digital, mention it when completing the order or through - thanks.


Tom's gallery.      


Lawrie's gallery.


Billy's gallery.


Beth's gallery.


Jacob's gallery.


Jaime's gallery.


Graham's gallery.


Travis's gallery.


Ruben's gallery.


Isobel's gallery.


Matthew's gallery.


Cameron's gallery.


Nat's gallery.


Bailey's gallery.


Daniel's gallery.


Jarred's gallery.


What about buying images?

Images in the galleries are lo-res and watermarked to protect against unscrupulous types pinching your pics. Prints can be bought by clicking on the link above or below each picture - the prints take a few days and will be distributed via Michael (the Buy button is white-on-light-grey).


I want a digital copy, so I can copy it and use it online.

If you want a digital copy of an image (full resolution jpg) then this will cost £22 (which is 2x the 7.5x5 print price). There is a stonking special offer for Triple T customers though - see further down.


Why does it cost so much more for a digital copy?

Photographers make a living from selling images - all that eye-wateringly expensive kit doesn't buy itself! If the image file is sold, it makes it really easy to copy, manipulate, send across the web, sell, evade copyright and so on. To compensate a bit, a digital copy is usually more expensive and carries with it an extension of standard copyright terms for the higher price. In this case, you can use the image for promotional work (i.e. to sell yourself) and for your own, non-money-making activities. You can't sell it or use it (or allow it to be used) to sell stuff or make money for others.

The digital price is set at twice that of a decent-sized print, so if you want three or more copies of an image it makes sense to buy the digital version and get your own printed.


What is the Triple T special offer?

I know that most or all of you who want to buy an image will want a digital copy and that you might want more than one - so there's a discount on further digital sales. Buy 4 digital images for £50, 8 for £75 or the whole lot for £90 (anyone who's been to certain high street portrait franchises will see this is a pretty good deal). And as an added extra, if you're drumming in a Triple T picture then you get 10% off portrait or wedding photography for you or your immediate family in the future.


What about colour or black & white?

If you want a digital image, you can't decide between colour and B&W and you have access to Microsoft Office (or even better, proper editing software), buy the colour one and change it to B&W yourself. If you haven't got the software or can't be faffed, buy the colour and for an extra fiver I'll convert the full-resolution image to B&W, and you'll get both versions of the same image. Keep in mind that these images were shot in low-light with moving subjects, so they're not studio-sharp - enlarging past 9x6 will be pushing it.